Castel St. John (Castle)

Kotor Montenegro Travel Guide

Castel St. John (St. John's Castle) is a medieval castle that is perched on a mountaintop overlooking the town of Kotor Montenegro.  It, along with a number of towers, ramparts and citadels collectively constitute the Kotor fortification.

The original fortification in Kotor was built during the Illyrian period.  It was reconstructed  by Emperor Justinan I in the 6th century.

Castel St. John, Kotor Montenegro
Castel St. John, Kotor Montenegro

To access St. John's Castle, visitors must hike along a mountain path high into the mountains.  The hiking trail begins in Old Kotor and passes by the Church of Our Lady of Remedy.

It is important that hikers wear suitable footwear and be in good physical health in order to safely reach the castle.   Those who manage the long climb however, are rewarded with stunning views of the Old Town, the Bay of Kotor and the beautiful Montenegrin mountain scenery.

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