Large Cruise Ships

Kotor Montenegro Travel Guide

The tendering process can be an unnerving experience for many passengers, particularly when the sea is rough.

Although it takes only 10 to 20 minutes to board a tender boat and motor to the mainland, many people find that to be along time to be bounced around!

It the sea be very rough, captains of cruise ships may decide to not allow passengers to disembark. 

Large Cruse Ship anchored off Kotor Montenegro
Tender Boat from Cruise Ship to Kotor Terminal

It can take hours for the tendering process to conclude, particularly for the larger ships.  Therefore, if you want to spend a full day exploring Kotor, you should plan to disembark from your cruise ship as early as possible.  It is well worth setting your alarm clock and beat the crowds!

If you do have problems with dizziness, difficulties walking or are prone to motion sickness, it might be preferable to remain onboard and enjoy the picturesque city of Kotor from the comfort of your cruise ship.

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